Personal Cyber Security

What is the problem?

Many people are not aware how easily accounts and devices can be compromised

The technology used is not fully understood by many of its users

Data breaches leaking sensitive information occur very frequently

Many businesses spend significant amounts of time and effort to increase the cyber security posture of their organisation, the importance is generally well recognised.
Do you think about your own personal information and digital security in with the conviction that many businesses might? If not, why not?

Why is it a problem?

Your digital identity, is like the key to your home. 
A home which contains intimate details about your life, your photos and videos. 
A home through which you access your finances, can track your location, communicate with friends and colleagues and so much more.

Your actual home can only be accessed through your doors or windows.
Your digital home can be accessed by anyone in the world from wherever they are and quite often, the only key they need is just a word and a number…

You need to make sure your ‘digital home’ is protected if you want to avoid reputation damage, embarrassment, blackmail, financial loss, loss of important data and ‘memories’ and the like

What can be done about it? 

Personal Operational Security. 

Evaluating your life, and your actions both physically and digitally is fundamental in creating a secure foundation from which you can build upon.

What is required is to use a structured approach for identifying areas in your digital life which would be detrimental if compromised and then significantly reducing the risk to those items based on your personal circumstances.

It is about knowing and understanding your own day to day behaviour and actions and evaluating how you may be contributing to a weakened security posture, and then reducing that.

It is about giving that extra bit of thought to securing your digital life and identity and looking at how and where it could be defeated and compensating for that.

How can Sgurity help

We will be adding posts to the blog on a regular basis which will provide helpful tips and guidance use. See how these apply to you and make use of them.

Should you desire a more personalised and thorough assessment, then please get in touch for details regarding this service.

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