Business Cyber Security

Within businesses, we specialise in the following areas.

Vulnerability Management
Reduce the vulnerabilities across your workstation and server estate, and maintain that reduction.

Azure & Office 365 Security
Review environment, resolve misconfigurations and increase security measures.

Security Strategy
Assess the current environment, define goals and plan how to get there

End User Device Security
Secure the devices which are on the front line for cyber threats.

End User Device Management
Configure or Improve device management solution utilising SCCM or Intune

BAU Risk Assessments
Review and strengthen your Business As Usual working practices.

We have worked with numerous clients, in a wide range of environment types and across many different industries. Get in touch to find out how we can help you:

‘Modern’ Working Security
Not too long ago, it was the network perimeter which got much of the attention. Whilst this is of course still an absolute necessity, the perimeter has now moved and it is important to focus on, and be ready for that. The ‘perimeter’ exists wherever, or more accurately at whoever the user is.

Users also expect to be able to work, wherever they need to, on a plethora of different devices and operating systems. It is great that today’s technology allows for this extra productivity, but it does of course come with security concerns.

With that being said, security should first and foremost always align with business goals and should be implemented in a way which does not counteract the additional productivity gained from mobile and modern ways of working. Sgurity aligns with this way of thinking.

We have many years experience securing and managing end user devices in many different environments and industries and hold various qualifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE).


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